Here & There


Welcome at Here & There, my practice for past life regression therapy. 

You are probably interested in this kind of therapy and maybe you’re thinking about trying it. I invite you, while you read and look at my website, to feel if you would feel safe to start this process together with me, at my practice.

Together with you I’m happy to look at the root of your problems and symptoms. I’ll sit next to you and guide you with targeted questions, so you will be able to process old traumas. When these old traumas won’t bother you anymore in this life, then you’ll be able to live instead of survive.

Willemijn Luyendijk

Here & There

Which journey do you want to make?

Past Life Regression Therapy

The intention is to live completely in the Here. But sometimes your experiences from There (your past and or past life) still bother you. By finding the root of a problem in the past, you’ll be able to be happy Here.

Soul Regression

A Soul Regression is an intense experience, that will stay with you for a long time. You’ll get answers for existential questions, like: Who am I really? What happens after death? What is the goal of my life now?

Heart Journey

A Heart Journey is a spiritual journey. Through a guided visualisation I lead you in a light trance to the inner mystical space in your heart and then to the sacred space of your heart.


About me

My goal in this life is to finish up old traumas from past lives. I do that by bringing them back into my conscious memory and going through the old pain. After that I can let go of the painful old experiences and I can continue lighter, with less luggage, in my present life. 

I like to work with people who want to do the same, through sessions past life regression therapy, soul regressions and heart journeys.